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Welcome to St Mackenzie?s the most unruly institute of learning in England and on the web! With its uncontrollable and unpredictable students running the place all the staff can do is watch (but they usually join in). Will you be able to handle the debortuary, anarchy and deprivation about to be bestowed by the sexiest and naughtiest students and staff you will ever find?!!
Description: Amy Green hates school, class is dull and she just wants to play rugby with her mates. Sports are how she gets all her frustration out, she also loves the ladies, she has a huge crush on the team captain of her rugby team. They are studying in the library together at St Mackenzies, when Amy seduces her crush by getting naked in the study room. Not much homework got done, but her lesson on how to eat pussy went really well.
Models: Amy Green
Rating: 100%