Diana Curvy Punk Rocker Ersties

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We aim to create a different kind of porn, full of passion, fun and beauty - the way we think it should be! We believe in the natural exhibition of our sexuality; all natural girls in all natural situations with no scripts, demands or expectations! This relaxed and positive approach to porn is an Ersties trademark; passionate, adventurous and horny people doing what they love to do, it couldn’t be any simpler!
Description: Diana from Ersties is my type of girl, a curvy punk rocker! She's got her leather jacket on ready to kick butt, but first, she wants to show off her blue lace lingerie. Before you finish reading this, Diana is naked and sticking her butt right in your face. So be a good boy and eat that peach until she's satisfied.
From: Ersties
Models: Diana
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