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Premium Wins knows In the early days of solo models, many paysites would offer stand-alone downloads called “zipsets”. The name comes from the compression of photo sets into a single .zip file, which needs to be unpacked with a program like Winzip or Winrar. But more than that, zipsets were often a departure from what the model would normally consider her comfort zone; zipsets “push the envelope” for a model. A “zipset” came to mean a VERY naughty photo set or video. This website features some content that was originally released in the form of zipsets.
Description: Lex Nai has a bath tape to end all tapes. First off, notice her lingerie riding up her ass? Lex has a problem with this, so she strips nude and gets all soapy in the tub in this Premium Wins exclusive. You are gonna be dreaming about her cute smile and all this yummy bathtime fun, for a long time, I can't get Lex off my mind.
From: Premium Wins
Models: Lex Nai
Rating: 100%