Lycia Sharyl Room Service

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Welcome to my site. I am Lycia Sharyl and I'm a British Glamour Model and Page 3 Girl from Essex. This is the ONLY official Lycia Sharyl website and the Number ONE place for all things Lycia on the internet. I am personally in charge of this site. Unlike other model sites where models are booked and paid by producers and the 'money guys' use the content on their sites, this one is MINE. I control every aspect. I control what I shoot, which photographer I work with, the styling, the locations, the outfits, the sets, the themes... you name it. I personally approve every single photo and video that features here. This is my exclusive outlet for fans to enjoy my work and for me to showcase what I believe to be the best you will see of me.
Description: Lycia Sharyl just ordered a little room Service to her hotel room, you just happen to be the lucky chump who brings her food up to the room. Lycia answers the door wearing only a thong with a white shirt that's unbuttoned and exposing her big boobs. What would you do if she invited you into her room for a special kinda tip? I would 100% say YES!
From: Lycia Sharyl
Models: Lycia Sharyl
Rating: 100%